"Samoaja's popfolk sounds very familiar and new at the same time. 
The country vibes are just right in this kind of atmosphere."
- Ylöjärven Uutiset

"Samoaja has international potential"
- Basso NOST€

"Landscapes" Album of the week 2/2018
- Radio Dei

"Samoaja is a very unique band that I am very proud to host and invite them to play their amazing music."
- Cafe Idestrup

"Check out 'Drifter', amazing tune by Samoaja"
- Indie Music Dimension

"Samoaja, awesome"
- Mini Pubi, Kuopio

"Melodic, easy and so natural. Samoaja's music will take you trough stories, 
trough memories, little nostalgic, little melancholic, but so soulful and beautiful."
- FAQ Riga